Wednesday, October 18, 2006

New Knitty Things

I am so excited about all the new knitty stuff I've got going on lately! I bought this new book over the weekend and can't wait to knit so many (so many) of the projects in it. My husband, who wouldn't really be caught dead wearing knitwear, was looking over my shoulder the other night at the pictures and he said he really liked the cotton scarf they show in the book that is double-sided with sort of a tweed-y look to it. So I told him I'd knit the scarf for him like it was no big deal, while inside I was doing cartwheels over getting to start a new project and buy lots of yarn! Oh how I love to buy new yarn ~sigh. I bought the yarn yesterday at Yarnmarket and got confirmation this morning that it's on its way! Yay! I've also got yarn on the way from WEBS for some Christmas gifts I hope to start as soon as it gets here. The mailman (or possibly UPS guy) will definitely be my second favorite person in the next couple weeks. No one could possibly take the place of my sweet husband on the list of favorite people. He gets the top spot every time! But the guy who brings me yarn - well, he definitely makes it up to second.

I also got a nice note in the mail today from the people at Warm Woolies saying they got the items I sent. I'm just a little worried that they thanked me for the "3 hats and 1 vest" when in fact I sent 4 hats and 3 vests! Hopefully they got the other ones I sent. It would be awful to have them lost somewhere in the mail blackhole, instead of keeping a nice little Russian boy or girl warm this winter.

Well, it's off to feed my hungry hubby and try to squeeze in a little knitting time later on. Knit on everyone!

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