Monday, October 16, 2006

Meet Mr. Bear

This is my first bear for the Mother Bear Project. What do you think? The whole time I was knitting him I kept thinking he was going to turn out really ugly, but once I snugged down his little ears and tied on his scarf, I fell in love. His closed eyes give him a peaceful kind of look and I hope that some little child in Africa will love the stuffing out of him. His first portrait came out a little blurry but I don't think he minds that he looks fuzzy. He tells me that he can't wait to have his red heart sewn on and meet his new best friend in Africa. I hope he gets there safely.

Mr. Bear and I take a quick coffee break before he goes back to thinking about his new home and I go back to cleaning mine. I expect to make him a buddy to keep him company on his travels very soon.

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