Friday, November 17, 2006

I Am a TestLab Loser

Yes, I admit it. I am a TestLab loser. It's not fun to admit, but it's true. Ever since I signed up to be a TestLab volunteer for Glampyre Knits I have been anxiously awaiting the chance to help out on a new pattern. I joined the notify list and was a bit nervous when I found out there were 1000 other people on the list. But I figured it was worth a try. A bit of time passed and then- yay! excitement!- I got notice there were two new sweater patterns she needed volunteers to help with. I e-mailed right away; I checked my e-mail like a crazy person; I barely dared to hope. And yes, I got the e-mail. The e-mail that confirmed I am a TestLab loser. I also got the e-mail that said 600 other people responded too. It's weird how you get to feeling you're the only one who's discovered certain things on the internet, only to find plenty of others were there first. She only needed 24 people out of those 600 so I couldn't have hoped to "win" a chance anyway. But you know, next time I'll still give it a try. I'll still get excited and I'll still send that e-mail. Because isn't it almost as nice to think you actually have a shot?

This picture doesn't have much to do with the TestLab, but it goes with the season and is a picture of one of my last completed craft projects. I made it just in time for Halloween and it was amazingly simple and turned out just as nice as the picture in the book I found it in. It would have been a bit prettier if the pumpkins hadn't been just a little bit mangy looking and if I hadn't been too cheap to go buy some black ribbon for the big finish bow that it was supposed to have. But festive just the same.

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